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Benefits of Membership and fees

Membership type Category Annual Subscription Fee Benefits
Organizational Membership EEPC-India members Rs. 5,000 1) Access to Free Webinars for a year.

2) Access to Technology Schemes from various Ministries

3) Access benefits to 3D design and development softwares in concession rate.

4) Access to testing, technical & technology Scouting Missions and legal advisory facility from CSIR labs NID,IIW,IIWM,IITs ,IPR Cell and other institution with whom EEPC INDIA have MOUs at concession.

5) Free access to monthly ie2 (Digital form) containing technical information on best industry practices and export of engineering products.

6) Competency Based Training program in the areas of Mechanical Design /QC /Lean/ Six Sigma/ and NPD Modules at Bangalore Tech Centre in 10% discounted rate.

7) Access to project oriented practical training on Additive Manufacturing and interview grooming for engineering students and fresher at concession rate.

8) Certificate of completion to be provided by EEPC INDIA.

9) Posting of resumes in Tech Centre portal of trained students for access to industry members.

Non-EEPC-India members Rs. 7,500
Individual Membership Technocrat(Minimum-trade certificate from ITI) Rs. 2,500

Students (B.E/ B.Tech Onwards) / PhD Scholar Rs. 1,200