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Activities and Services

EEPC India has started its Technology Centres at Bengaluru and at Kolkata with an objective to extend benefits to MSMEs in the following areas:-

1.3D project execution through Common Facility Centreof EEPC India Technology Centre, Kolkata provides Design and Development of prototypes by reverse engineering process using 3D scanning, Designing and Printing.

2.Training services through Seminars/Webinars on topics emphasizing Industry best practices and niche and critical technology from Industry experts and OEMs.

3.Facilitating Advisory and Consultancy services in collaboration with technocrats, scientists and professionals from premier Central Research Institutes viz. CSIR-CMERI, CSIR-NML, CSIR-AMPRI,CSIR-NIIST, CSIR-NEERI, Technology Institutes viz. IIT-KGP, Design Institutes viz.NID, India Institute of Welding,IPR Cell.